Refund Policy

While we go extra steps to make sure your product is shipped quickly and efficiently, there are certain situations that you as a customer, may elect to file for a refund, or return for whatever reason, as defined below:

All returns must be returned to Herbal Link within 15 days for the receipt of said product.


IMPORTANT: It generally takes 3-5 Business days for the refund to hit customer's bank account. If you don't see refund within 5 Business days, please contact your bank or conatct us for any support.


What qualifies for a Refund?

  • Customer is not satisfied with the product.
  • Customer has not received the order within agreed time frame, providing delay was not the result of Herbal Cart's action, or inaction.
  • Customer has received order, or damaged product.

To request a refund customer must call or email the support team. Identify the reason for refund and support division will provide prompt assistance.

Once the customer sends the package back, our Quality Control Department examines it and issues the refund. The customer requests a reshipment of the product and will not incur any additional shipping charges.

Some products are delivered in more than one shipping package, so partial order may be sent out with advance notice. This is generally due to limited inventory of particular products.



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